Paio Game (Hawaiian Vocabulary)

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10 Pre engraved PAIO BLOCKS

1 100% Cotton bag

Ua hookumu ‘ia keia paani PAIO e hooikaika ai ka lawena PAIO, ma waena o na hoa olelo makuahine.

HOA PAANI- 2 or more players, 5 years and older
PONO HANA- 10 PAIO blocks,2 minute time pen and paper, Hawaiian dictionary

The game begins with a toss of the PAIO blocks, and a start of 2 minute  timer
Someone say O, O, OIA!
Use the letters facing up to create words.
NA HOA PAANI write all possible words using each block once per word.
X2 Blocks allow players to use one block twice.

When the UAKI HOOKU runs out pencils down.
NA HOA PAANI take turns reading off their words. duplicates get crossed off by all.
Remaining words are scored. 1 pt for each PAIO block used. ex:

        word point
a           1
ha         1
haa       2
hale      2
haalele 4 and you would have had to have a x2.

If a word is given that HOA PAANI are not sure of someone says PAIO!
At that point someone get the Hawaiian dictionary and check. Whoever is correct gets an extra point.

1-11 keiki
12-24 makua
25-31  kupuna status

Winner has the most points in the end.

PAIO blocks are pre carved with consonant/vowel clusters that form the basis of Olelo Hawaii.