Na Po Mahina Lamp

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In the traditional Hawaiian calendar, the lunar month was determined by the 29.5-day cycles of mahina, the moon, and the passage of days were marked by the phases of the moon. The approximately 30 days of the moon cycle were divided into three 10-day periods known as anahulu.


This Unique lamp illuminates all 30 moon passes and names shoji style table night light provides soft, warm light filtered through high quality rice paper filling the room with a welcoming, relaxing glow. This dramatic table lamp sets the look for a whole room. Created with beautiful hand-finished hardwood in a oriental style lamp, creating a sense of peace and ease. Excellent for use in pairs on night stands or living or den/library end tables. 

The lamp is cut from a single piece of birch painted black , with unique laser cuts creating the easy slide to assemble night light. The Moon pauses design is cut on 4  sides .the lamp stands 12” x high and ~ 4.4” square  The laser creates a beautiful burned edge effect which creates a wonderful patina unique to each piece.

Custom Engraving available for gifts 

4 Wood Panels 

Measures 12”x4.4”x4.4”

1 Wire with switch and 1 light Bulb included