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Liko lehua night light

  • $30.00

This A beautiful Laser cut Lawae, shoji style table night light provides soft, warm light filtered through high quality rice paper filling the room with a welcoming, relaxing glow. This dramatic table lamp sets the look for a whole room. Created with beautiful hand-finished hardwood in a oriental style lamp, creating a sense of peace and ease. Excellent for use in pairs on night stands or living or den/library end tables. 

The lamp is cut from a single piece of birch veneer cherry wood stain, with unique laser cuts creating the easy slide to assemble night light. The Lawae design is cut on 4  sides and the top. The lamp stand ~ 7” high and ~4" square. The laser creates a beautiful burned edge effect which creates a wonderful patina unique to each piece.


custom engraving avalible for gifts 

special pricing for 10 units 


+ 1 led push light