Na Po Mahina

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In the traditional Hawaiian calendar, the lunar month was determined by the 29.5-day cycles of mahina, the moon, and the passage of days were marked by the phases of the moon. The approximately 30 days of the moon cycle were divided into three 10-day periods known as anahulu.

The first 10-day period was called “ho‘onui,” “growing bigger,” beginning on the first crescent

The second 10-day period was called “poepoe,” “round” or “full,” as the moon became full and round.

The moon appears full on three days, the 14th (Akua), the 15th (Hoku), and the 16th day (Māhealani).

The third 9-10-day period was called “‘hoemi,” “decreasing” or “waning,” as the moon loses its light. The last quarter moon rises around midnight and sets around noon. Muku, the new moon, is unseen between the earth and the sun.