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Huli Mahina



Hawaiian Vocabulary

Kaulana mahina
Hawaiian lunar calendar.

Pō mahina
Moon phase.

Hawaiian month, consisting of all 30 moon phases.

A period of 10 pō mahina. 

The Huli Mahina is a learning tool to support the use of the Hawaiian lunar calendar to guide present-day fishermen, farmers and people of interest. 

Traditionally, Hawaiians used a calendar based upon the phases of the moon called kaulana mahina. A traditional Hawaiian lunar year had twelve malama (Hawaiian lunar month). Each malama consisted of the cycle of 30 pō mahina (moon phases). Every three to six years, a thirteenth lunar month was added to ensure that the malama aligned with correct environmental indicators throughout the seasons. Each month started with the new moon, Hilo and ended with Muku, the dark moon. Similar to a Gregorian month, the Hawaiian malama is separated into 3 anahulu. Each anahulu consists of 10 moon phases. The first anahulu of every malama is the Anahulu Hoʻonui. Hoʻonui means to get bigger, the moon is waxing during this anahulu. 
The second anahulu is the Anahulu Poepoe. Poepoe mean round or circular, the moon is at its fullest phases during this anahulu. The moon is waxing at the begining of the anahulu poepoe and is waning at the end. 
The third anahulu is the Anahulu Hoʻēmi. Hoʻēmi means to reduce or diminish. The moon is waning during this anahulu until it reaches the new moon.

How to use:

1) Observe the moon shape, use the diagram below to identify which moon it is.

2) Hold Huli Mahina right side up facing you with 2 hands thumbs on front 4 fingers on back

3) Rotate the box 180 degrees towards you. A tile will slide down in to the viewing window continue to flip the box towards you 180 degrees till the moon in the viewing window matches moon in the nights sky.


When you receive the Huli Mahina, unless otherwise requested, it will be rubber banded together. This allows the customer to add personal customization's to each moon phase tile to guide their daily actions. Actions such as when to plant or when to go fishing. 
There are several resources available to find this information. As always, talking with your family to continue ʻohana traditions is always good. Other resources include but are not limited to; the Prince Kūhiō Hawaiian Civic Club Moon Calendar, the Kamehameha Publishing Ke Ala o ka Mahina moon calendar, and the Kohala Center Spawning Guide. Please follow the steps below to assemble your Huli Mahina box.
Instructions to assemble Huli Mahina 
Please read all instructions before assembly. 
Materials needed: 
Huli Mahina  
Sharpie pens (suggested colors: red, blue, and green)
Wood glue
1) Choose your resource(s).
2)Plan out each moon phase customization before assembling. User can decide if planting or fishing is good or not good for each moon phase.

3)Color squares on tile.
On each moon phase tile, there are 2 squares on the lower left side. The top square represents fishing and the bottom square represents planting. When the tile is viewed from the Huli Mahina (after assembly) the color you choose for each square will be visible through the fish or kalo window. Here is our suggested color scheme for the fishing and planting squares:
Fishing (top square)
Blue = good fishing
Red = bad fishing
Planing (bottom square)
Green = good planting
Red = bad planting
Here is an example of the Muku tile. We have colored in the top square (fishing) blue to indicate that this pō mahina is a good phase to go fishing. We have also colored in the bottom square (planting) red to indicate that it is not a good moon phase to plant.

4) Color all 30 moons front and back of each tile.

5) Allow all tiles to properly dry before completing assembly.
6) When all tiles are dry, use the list below to create 2 stacks of tiles. 
layout all tiles flat odd numbers facing up  
Stack 1
front - back (1---16,3--18,5--20,7--22,9--24,11--26,13--28,15--30)
Stack 2
front -- back (29--14,27--12,25--10,23--8,21--6,19--4,17--2)   

6) Assembly the body of the box, leaving only one front panel off.
7) Place Stack 1 (tiles1 - 16) in the top half of the box and Stack 2 (tiles 29-14) in the bottom half. 

8) Double check the tile order by placing front panel on box, interlocking all sides together ensuring all edges meet, then re-rubber band the box 

8) Do a test run of your Huli Mahina, making sure the moon phases appear in the correct order. 
9) If the moon phases do not appear in order, remove the front panel and double check each stack.
10) Once your tested your Huli Mahina and all moon phases are in the correct order, you are ready to glue your box together.