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Kalo = Taro (Colocasia esculenta), a kind of aroid cultivated since ancient times for food, spreading widely from the tropics of the Old World. In Hawaiʻi, taro has been the staple from earliest times to the present, and here its culture developed greatly, including more than 300 forms. All parts of the plant are eaten, its starchy root principally as poi, and its leaves as lūʻau. It is a perennial herb consisting of a cluster of long-stemmed, heart-shaped leaves rising 30 cm. or more from underground tubers or corms. 

Simple and elegant earrings from genuine Hawaiʻi-grown koa. I made these earrings from Koa wood which was reclaimed from the scrap bin of a local ʻukulele maker. and inlay-ed with Natural pau a

Koa is prized for its beauty and strength. In ancient times, it was especially prized for canoes.

Today, it is used not only in canoes, but also in the manufacture of musical instruments, furniture, and housewares.